Green Light: If you are taking the subway, use only entrances marked by a green indicator, where there is a clerk present 24 hours a day.
Waiting: During off-peak hours, wait for trains in the “Waiting Areas” specifically designated by the MTA (or) in view of the station booth clerk.

Platform: Never walk or stand near the edge of the subway platform. Wait and walk close to the wall.
Ride: Do not ride in subway cars that are desolate. Ride in the conductor’s car during off-peak hours. If possible, always sit in the subway car that is occupied by the subway conductor or motorman.

Awake: Stay awake & aware. Exit with the crowd.
Headphones: Refrain from wearing headphones on the subway or bus because you can’t hear someone coming up behind you.
Subway Exit: Use the subway exits with the most activity. Ready: Have your money or metro card available

Pickpockets: Be particularly aware of your bag in crowded situations, such as rush hour trains and buses.
Wallet: Never carry your wallet in your rear pants pocket or in the outer compartment of your backpack.
Sit: Sit in the center of the car, away from the door, to avoid a purse or chain snatch.

Jewelry: Do not display jewelry, cash, keys, or other valuables, as this may attract potential robbers. Cover jewelry, turn stone rings toward the palm side of your hand.
Sidewalk: Wait for the bus on the sidewalk away from the curb. Sit near the front of the bus. Stay Alert: Very Important to Always Stay Alert and Remain Aware of your Surroundings at All Times.
Follow Your Instincts: If you feel uncomfortable about a location or a person, leave immediately!

Not love, actually

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, so over the next three days, we’re talking about romance scams. Lots of people have profiles on dating apps to meet someone — maybe even more so in these virtual times. And many people have built successful relationships from an online start. But what if, instead of finding a potential partner, you find a scam?. Read more click here.

Notify NYC – Travel Restrictions

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Mayor de Blasio has issued a State of Emergency for New York City due to winter weather. All vehicles restricted on NYC roads until 6AM on 2/2 except for essential and emergency travel. Near-blizzard conditions expected. To refer your friends and family to this service please visit here.

Identity Theft Awareness Week starts today

In 2020, the FTC got about 1.4 million reports of identity theft, double the number from 2019. Repeatedly, identity thieves targeted government funds earmarked to help people hard hit financially by the pandemic. Join us for Identity Theft Awareness Week, February 1-5. Learn about protecting yourself from identity theft, and recovering if it happens to you. Read more click here.