Mass Mail Scam: Recognize the Signs of Fraud

You, or someone you know, may have fallen victim to a mass mailing fraud campaign that is targeting individuals all over the world. U.S. consumers have lost millions of dollars in recent years and the elderly are targeted most.

Be Alert

You may receive a stream of letters in your mailbox promising wealth or good fortune. These letters may appear personalized but are actually identical, mass produced form-letters sent to thousands of recipients every month. The letters often look very official, and highlight the urgency of a quick response. Check out these examples of fraudulent letters (PDF).

Take Action

  1. Do not send money
  2. File a complaint: If you, or someone you know, received a potentially fraudulent letter or think you may be a victim of a fraud scheme, report it. Consumers are never required to pay money to receive lottery or sweepstakes winnings. Call 1-800-FTC-HELP (1-800-382-4357) or visit

To learn more about financial exploitation and older adults, visit the Department of Justice’s page on reporting abuse and finding help.

Be as informed as possible on the most popular scams and frauds by visiting