Credit Card Skimmers – a primer for your safety!

Did you know that: your credit card information and — worse! — your debit card account details can be accidentally compromised by your own hand?

The second you unwittingly put your card into a machine with a skimmer attached, you’ve opened up your wallet to the dark side.

That’s why knowing how to spot a skimmer (and what telltale signs to look out for) can help you protect your money.

You also need to be aware which machines are most likely to have skimmers — and to remember which cards to use in more precarious circumstances. 

Here’s how to shield your hard-earned cash from a skimmer-happy scammer.

Credit Card Skimmers – a primer for your safety


Game Day Food Safety Tips

If you’re planning to cook or serve food this Sunday for your Super Bowl guests, make sure you follow these four food safety tips to prevent illness:

  1. CLEAN: When preparing party food, wash hands and surfaces often.
  2. SEPARATE: Use separate plates for raw and cooked food when grilling.
  3. COOK: Cook food to the right temperature.
  4. CHILL: Don’t leave food at room temperature for longer than two hours.

Make food safety and fun your priority on game day! For more game day food tips, visit

Notify NYC – Intermittent Wind Gusts

Notification issued 1/26/17 at 5:39 PM. New York City is experiencing intermittent wind gusts in excess of 40 MPH. During periods of high winds, residents should use caution when walking or driving high profile vehicles. Winds at these speeds can cause flying debris, turn unsecured objects into projectiles, and cause power outages. To prepare, charge cell phone batteries, gather supplies, and turn refrigerators and freezers to a colder setting. Always stay clear of downed power lines. If you are affected by an outage, turn off all appliances and keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to prevent food spoilage. Do not use generators indoors. If you lose power and have a disability or access needs, or use Life Sustaining Equipment (LSE) and need immediate assistance, please dial 9-1-1. For the latest weather information, please visit

Buying Electronics this Holiday Season?

Buying Electronics this Holiday Season?

If you’re shopping for electronics as gifts for the holidays, don’t just consider the sticker price. By choosing products that are rated as energy efficient, you will save energy and money over the lifetime of the product, and you will be doing something good for our planet.

The products guide from Energy Star will help you compare features and energy specifications on products that have been certified as energy efficient; and don’t forget to check out the “rebate and special offers locator” to find deals that will save you money this holiday season.


Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car for Severe Winter Weather

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car for Severe Winter Weather

Extreme cold or snowstorms can be dangerous, especially if you are stranded. If you live in an area that is prone to severe winter weather, plan ahead and keep an emergency kit in your car.

The National Weather Service has tips on what to include in your car’s emergency kit as well as other tips for home on what to do before, during, and after a snowstorm or extreme cold. Take an opportunity to review these tips with your teen drivers.


Gridlock Alert Days – Wednesday – Friday, December 14-16



Wednesday through Friday, December 14-16 are Gridlock Alert Days. Each year during the holiday season, the Department of Transportation designates Gridlock Alert Days as some of the busiest traffic days of the year. Whether you are traveling to work, for shopping or recreation, please consider walking, biking or taking public transportation whenever possible.

The remaining Gridlock Alert Days for this holiday season are:

* Wednesday, December 21

* Thursday, December 22

* Friday, December 23

Pulaski Bridge Early Morning Full Closure – Thursday, December 1

Pulaski Bridge Early Morning Full Closure – Thursday, December 1

The Pulaski Bridge will be fully closed from 12:01 am to 5 am on Thursday, December 1. The closure affects vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, including the B62 bus. Detour signs will be posted. The closure is necessary as installation of the bicycle lane continues. The Greenpoint Avenue Bridge can be used as an alternate route. This work is weather dependent and may be postponed to Friday, December 2 if there is bad weather on Thursday.