Don’t Wait. Communicate about Hurricane Safety.

Prepare for Hurricanes Now

Promote Hurricane Preparedness Week: May 7-13 in your community

The Ready Campaign recommends using social media tools as a way to promote National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 7– May 13, as well as throughout hurricane season.  You can either copy these messages directly or customize them to reach your audience.

Follow the National Weather Service Hurricane Preparedness Weekly Themes and promote content online and in person!

  • Sunday, May 7th- Determine your risk
  • Monday, May 8th- Develop an evacuation plan
  • Tuesday, May 9th- Assemble disaster supplies
  • Wednesday, May 10th- Secure an insurance check
  • Thursday, May 11th- Strengthen your home
  • Friday, May 12th- Check on Your Neighbor
  • Saturday, May 13th- Complete your written hurricane plan

Introducing Citizen!

The Citizen app notifies you when a crime or other major incident is reported to 911 near you. It allows for the live-streaming of incidents, giving you complete transparency of your neighborhood around you. In New York City alone, there are nearly 10,000 calls to 911 each and every day. Many of these are for life-threatening emergencies or crimes occurring with thousands of people around.

On October 26, 2016, we released a prototype of our technology that we named Vigilante, available on the iPhone. Alongside the app, we published a dramatized video showing an assault incident thwarted by a group of people using the app.

The response was overwhelming; within 48 hours we had downloads and in-app requests for service in all 50 states, in addition to dozens of countries around the world. The importance and need for this app was quickly validated.

But the name Vigilante also created a distraction for some people. And for some, we left the impression that it was encouraged for average, untrained users of the app to race towards any given crime scene.

Vigilante was soon removed from the App Store for a violation of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines, with concerns centered around user safety.

This was a good thing. We needed to make some changes.

Our mission has always been to build safer communities through transparency. With the learnings from our first launch, and a renewed determination towards our mission, we have made a series of important changes.

  1. The name is now Citizen. This more accurately communicates our mission, and we have entirely rebranded the app.
  2. We have reinforced our focus on safety. We built this app to create safety; any reckless or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. Our in-app messages now more strongly communicate this, and the terms of service have also been updated to reflect this policy.
  3. Our network has broadened. We have incorporated advice from, and are now in active communication with, officials from the City, representatives from the New York Police Department, and a variety of community leaders.

We are proud to announce we are launching on both iOS and Android as Citizen.

Learn the Facts on Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation

In 1954, the first successful kidney transplant was performed. A living donor gave a kidney to his identical twin. Do you have a story to share or questions about organ, eye, or tissue donation?

Help spread the word and share your story by visiting

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Street Closures – Friday, March 17

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Street Closures – Friday, March 17

 The following streets in Manhattan will be closed from 11 am to 5 pm:

* 5th Avenue between 42nd Street and 86th Street

* Vanderbilt Avenue between 43rd Street and 46th Street

* Madison Avenue between 63rd Street and 64th Street

* Madison Avenue between 78th Street and 86th Street

* 43rd Street to 46th Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and 6th Avenue

* 47th Street and 48th Street between Park Avenue and 6th Avenue

* 62nd Street and 63rd Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue

* 64th Street between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue

* 72nd Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue

* 78th Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue

* 79th Street to 83rd Street between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue

* 84th Street and 85th Street between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue


Be Ready, Stay Safe During Storms

Be prepared for seasonal storms that can affect your area:

  • Make sure your emergency kit is up to date and easy to access.
  • If your heat goes out, keep the doors closed off to rooms you are not using and close your blinds or curtains to keep in some heat.
  • Never use a generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal burning device inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or any partially enclosed area.
  • Learn how to shut off water valves and avoid burst pipes due to freezing conditions.
  • If you are using a fireplace, make sure you use a screen and it is properly ventilated.
  • Stay on top of weather changes in your area by checking the National Weather Service.

Keeping You Informed!

In recent weeks, there has been a wave of threats against synagogues across the nation.

The NYPD is committed to protecting the religious community by safeguarding our houses of worship and religious centers.

Therefore, in light of the recent incidents, the NYPD is deploying additional resources to patrol the houses of worship in our communities and making contact with Jewish centers and schools.

These officers will query stakeholders about any threatening or unusual incidents which occurred on the premises and provide guidance on how to report this information to the police.

Credit Card Skimmers – a primer for your safety!

Did you know that: your credit card information and — worse! — your debit card account details can be accidentally compromised by your own hand?

The second you unwittingly put your card into a machine with a skimmer attached, you’ve opened up your wallet to the dark side.

That’s why knowing how to spot a skimmer (and what telltale signs to look out for) can help you protect your money.

You also need to be aware which machines are most likely to have skimmers — and to remember which cards to use in more precarious circumstances. 

Here’s how to shield your hard-earned cash from a skimmer-happy scammer.

Credit Card Skimmers – a primer for your safety